The Physics Lab

At The Physics Lab (a subsidiary of ECUBE Science & Math Lab), we see Physics as a very “alive, meaningful and dynamic” subject! And teaching Physics concepts is not about “reading” through slides! Learning is not completed just by “clicking” slides or “googling” for answers! 

We understand that many students struggle with, fear, or even ‘hate’ Physics for at least one of the following reasons:

There’s hope! As exemplary & award-winning former MOE teachers & JC lecturers, we understand the importance of engaging our students – to help them see the relevance of Physics in everyday applications, beside helping them achieve better grades. Demo & experiments are often utilised to reinforce difficult & abstract concepts, and to foster a deeper interest in the Science.
Being confident of our lesson delivery, approach and learning resources, we strongly encourage students to take our “1st Trial Lesson FREE” challenge*. We strongly believe that your child will be able to discern and decide if we are competent to help them towards academic excellence in Physics. (*trial lesson is FREE if a student did not wish to continue after the trial lesson)

At The Physics Lab, we coupled our strong passion with the 3Es approach of “Engaging delivery, Empowering learning & Exceling to greater heights” to value-add to our students’ tuition & learning experience!

Engaging the Learners

we infused brain-based learning & accelerated learning, and employed strategies such as memories techniques & hands-on activities, to help students anchor important formulae and key concepts and remember them for a much longer time!

Empowering Learning

Exceling to greater heights

Key Learning Programme


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