What Parents Say

Mrs Ling, mother of Callista Ling

Ever since Callista joined Mr Andrew for Physics tuition in Sec 3, she had consistently attained distinctions in every tests & exams. She has also scored an amazingly high distinction for the school’s Physics Prelim Paper, even though the paper was a very tough one with high failure rate!

O-Level Grade: A1 for Phy
Mdm Lucy Tay, mother of Lim Su Ann

Towards Sec 3 mid-year exam, Su Ann told me she needed tuition help for Chem & Bio. She felt lousy for getting the lowest marks in class. Within a short span of 3 months, her grades.
improved from C6 to A2!
The comprehensive notes given, the commitment & passion demonstrated by the teachers, had helped her gain a lot of confidence in these two subjects. She had consistently scored A1 for Chem and Bio. With the good performance, she topped both
subjects in class.
Special thanks to teachers at the centre for helping Su Ann scored A1 for both subjects in the GCE ‘O’ levels. This had also helped in Su Ann being conferred the only “Principal Award” in the whole Cohort in Cedar Girls’ School!

O-Level Grade: A1 for Chem & Bio
Mrs Chua, mother of Marcus

I see a positive change in the level of interest that Marcus have for Physics not long after joining Mr Andrew. This slowly translated to improvement in results and a greater confidence in his ability to excel and do better. Thank you for your dedication in teaching and encouraging my son

O-Level Grade: A2
Mrs Elizabeth Lim, mother of Samantha Lim

Though joining for only a short couple of months, Samantha has improved tremendously in her subjects. From F9 to A2 in Chemistry and C6 to A2 for A-Math. Thank you so much to the teachers for their expertise in clearing her doubts and ensuring her clarity in her areas of weakness, and giving her the confidence to do better!

O-Level Grade: Distinctions for A.Math, Chem & Bio
Mrs Sally Seow, mother of Cliff

Thank you Mr Andrew Kang for being such motivating, inspiring & caring tutor to my son. You have made his learning journey more fun and enjoyable. I have noticed that his interest and confidence level in the subject have grown tremendously and he is also able to apply the concepts learnt! I am so happy and thankful that he is able to improve from failing to a B3 within such a relatively short time, at the last lap!

O-Level Grade: B3
Mrs Tan, mother of Tricia Tan

Through recommendation .. and a good one indeed, we have come to know about The Physics Lab @ ECUBE. Tricia’s results have improved steadily since, from a D7 at Sec 3 end-of-year exam to a distinction at O level … and more importantly, she gained greater confidence in herself in process of learning Chemistry & Biology! Thanks to Ecube!

O-Level Grade: A1
Mdm Teo, mother of Loo Kai Heng

I am particular about the quality and standard of tuition that my son receives at any tuition centre. Mr Andrew and his chemistry teacher Ms Hannah are very professional, experienced and motivating! So my son had benefited a lot beside just exceling in academic grades. I entrust his learning to them confidently and without worries.

O-Level Grade: A2
Mdm Goh, mother of Clement Kang

I can always trust Mr Kang and his team of committed teachers to give their best to my sons. In fact, all my three sons achieve A1 for their Physics and distinctions for all the other sciences at the centre. I do not need to worry much about their progress once they started attending classes with The Physics Lab. They not only attain good results but also develop a keen interest and good confidence in the subjects tutored.

O-Level Grade: A2

I would like to thank The Physics Lab and in particular Teacher Andrew for providing guidance to my children in Physics. My children have shared that Teacher Andrew’s lessons are clear and they are more confident about Physics. I deeply appreciate that Andrew takes care to ensure that his students are able to understand his lessons during the weekly lessons. Andrew has also been most helpful in trying to arrange Chemistry & Amath classes (both subjects distinctions too!) that meet my children’s availability as far as possible. Thank you Andrew and your team of teachers for your excellent service.

O-Level Grade: A1

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